Acne can get in the way of our confidence and it can lower our self – esteem. It can be difficult to control acnes and it has something to do with our body and our changing hormones. Most people use a lot of products to try and prevent acne and some methods work, some don’t.

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This also depends on your skin type and the food you consume. Everything can affect your skin and how much acne you get. Listed below are products often use to prevent and reduce acne and to eliminate acne scars:

Vitamin C – vitamin C is a natural supplement used to prevent acnes from emerging and also used in reducing acne scars on your face and body. Vitamin c can minimize redness and increase the skin’s collagen production. While helping the skin heal itself, it also helps improve the appearance of your skin.


Vitamin D – research shows that people who have moderate to severe acne are vitamin D deficient. Since being linked with acne, some doctors prescribe a high dose of vitamin D for the treatment of severe acne in people.

Vitamin E – vitamin E helps in skin rejuvenating and brightening. It makes our cells healthy and is used in many cosmetic products worldwide. It also has anti – inflammatory factors that help reduce the redness and inflammation of acne.


Vitamin K1 and K2 – these are very important vitamins for your skin that are sometimes neglected. Making sure that you have enough dosage of each of these can ensure you that your skin stays healthy at any age.

Selenium – selenium is both mineral and antioxidant. It helps in preventing acne and also has anti – inflammatory factors that could reduce the redness of skin and acne as well.


Zinc – zinc helps you maintain clear skin. Even without its acne prevention benefits, it is a crucial supplement to help your body function properly and help you be your best every day.

Acne Prevention patches are available in the market today. These patches contain everything that is mentioned above and more properties that help your skin be as beautiful as it can get. You don’t have to look for every supplement mentioned and drink them all, with the patches, you can just apply to your skin and all the nutrients will be absorbs. This is a painless method in beautifying yourself and making sure you are healthy as ever. Research on acne prevention patches here in

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